About Reclamation House

Reclamation House is a group living facility for women, post-drug rehabilitation or incarceration, located at 534 West Washington Ave, in the heart of Downtown Jonesboro. The 102 year old property features 13 bedrooms and 13.5 baths.

Reclamation House is an ideal location within walking distance of public transportation, Federal, State & Local Court Systems, Celebrate Recovery meetings and other NA & AA support group venues.

Reclamation House mission is to provide a safe living environment for women to reclaim their lives post rehab treatment for substance abuse and or incarceration. Our goal is to return our residents to their communities as happy, sober, and productive members of

Reclamation House is a nonprofit organization. All donations received qualify are 100% tax deductible from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501c3.