Donations requested to help meet these needs

  • Fire Sprinkler System quote is for $36,000 from Arkansas Automatic Sprinkler
  • $2500 Bedroom sponsorship includes;
    • Furnishing & Remodeling 13 Bedrooms and baths
    • Donor Plaque on Door of Bedroom
    • Paint Bedroom & Bathroom
    • New Daybed & Mattress
    • Bedding, sheets, mattress pad, pillows, blanket, duvet, & cover
    • Chest of drawers or closet organization
    • Table
    • Lamp
    • Chair
    • New carpeting if applicable
  • Gardening Tools $750 for initial start up: Garden Tools, tiller, rake, shovel, hand tools, hoe, etc

Support the Reclamation House

The Reclamation House focuses on assisting women to integrate back into your community as a drug free, productive member of society.